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All About Gevera and Transformations

The Wall

I wrote a novel for NaNoWriMo 2004 called Ridden about Atlantis and the ancient Maya. A priestess from Atlantis was possessing the body of a modern woman. Tse-Nen-Ray wanted her story heard, and she said in her time, they had a wall where they posted announcements. Our Internet and World Wide Web is the equivalent of Tse's wall. And this is my corner of the wall.

And then Facebook became the Thing (I'm there too!) and your page on Facebook is called your WALL and I'm like, "hey you stole that from me!"


gevera bert piedmontI'm Bert Piedmont. Many years ago I was "given" the spiritual name Gevera and I use that for writing and spiritual work, but most people default to calling me Bert if they spend any amount of time with me. For one thing, no one can pronounce it (I get called Geneva a lot, but it's actually pronounced very differently: guh-vare-uh). "Gevera", I was told by the ones who gave me the name, means "the bringer of hard truth." I am a very honest person. I piss people off. (Shrugs.) I am what I am.

I've been a writer since I was a child. It's a most valuable thing to be. It complements EVERYTHING. I'm not the best speller in the world (and I'm using Dreamweaver now, which doesn't highlight errors like FrontPage) and there is probably a mistake or two on the site. But you won't find my language to be stilted or my grammar terrible. I'm very good at communicating my ideas. If anything, I'm too good. I tend to jump around. One of my writing teachers once said that everything I write is a huge tangent but it's so well written and entertaining the reader is willing to follow me wherever I go.

I hope you will be willing to follow me too.


bert with iguana

How Did I Get Here?

It seems like I came later in life (mid 20s) to metaphysics, but when I look back I was laying the groundwork for many years. I am jealous of teenagers who are becoming Reiki Masters, but when I was a teenager that opportunity didn’t even exist. It wasn’t something I could reject or accept because it simply wasn’t in my sphere of existence. I muddled through my early life reading and writing about vampires, UFOs, and ghosts. Eventually I moved onto paganism, the Aztec/Mayan calendar, and energy work, which is pretty much where I remain.


Everything I do has to do with change. I take something and make it into something slightly different. That's why I call my web site, and my business, Transformations (technically, Transformations by Obsidian Butterfly; more on her below).

What is an Obsidian Butterfly?

Obsidian Butterfly (Itzpapalotl) is an Aztec goddess. Depending on what you read about her, she is a star goddess, an agriculture goddess, an evil demon and the patron of witches (not the good kind, either), or some minor deity that no one cares to talk about. If you read Laurel K Hamilton's book Obsidian Butterfly (How I curse that she named the book that. My web site is totally lost among all the references to her book! In fact my domain name was a fansite before I bought it.) you'll think she's an ancient immortal vampire. She wasn't. And no, I didn't like the book.

In 1999, I started seeing butterfly motifs everywhere. It wasn't just me--my best friend saw them too, but only when she was with me. I was wading deep into metaphysics (I started level 1 of Usui Reiki in May 1998 and finished my mastership in February 1999), and studying crystals as well as other things. I was interested to learn that the properties of obsidian are similar to the meaning of Gevera--to bring the truth.

I was re-reading Aztec that summer and I came across the passage toward the end, when Mixtli is in the desert with the Chichimecs and learns of Obsidian Butterfly. Not only that, but I had UNDERLINED THE NAME during some previous reading (no memory of doing that but not the first time it's happened).. Then in August of that year, I went to the huge gem show at the Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts, and my best purchase was a gorgeous butterfly carved from rainbow obsidian.

This is the original Itzpapalotl text from my old web site, along with an old interation of my logo:

old butterfly logo obsidian butterfly

Obsidian is type of volcanic rock which breaks with a sharp, jagged edge which some claim to be sharper than a scalpel. Many native peoples used obsidian for arrow and spearheads, due to its extreme sharpness. Its primary color is black, although there are often colors mixed in: mahogany obsidian has a reddish brown tone, snowflake obsidian has round white specks and rainbow obsidian has iridescent, scintillating bands of colors. The metaphysical meaning of obsidian is to bring the truth, especially a truth one is trying not to face.

A butterfly is the ultimate symbol of transformation. It is used to symbolize death/rebirth, enlightenment and any major life changes. The Aztecs believed that butterflies were the souls of the dead returning to visit the living.

The Aztecs had a goddess called Obsidian Butterfly, Itzpapalotl. She rules the day-sign Vulture and the trecena of 1-House in their sacred calendar. Descriptions of her vary; most say she has the claws of a jaguar. I remember seeing one source that said most of her is hidden in another dimension and all that shows in this dimension is her claws, making her very misunderstood. 

In 1999, shortly after I became consciously aware of Itzpapalotl, I was lucky to find a beautiful rainbow obsidian carving of a butterfly at a gem and mineral show. It is the most expensive piece of rock I own (and I own thousands) and, to me at least, the most beautiful. I have seen other obsidian butterfly sculptures since then, even one carved in the exact same way, but none have touched my heart like my first one. 

I began using the magickal-spiritual name Gevera in 1997. I always knew what it meant; it means “the bringer of hard truth,” which describes me perfectly. I can be very blunt and I lack tact. I am not a yes-man and I always tell it like it is. At that time, I had no idea it was a real name (it’s a last name in some European countries). I was also drawn to rainbow obsidian, and I found that the metaphysical meaning of obsidian matched the meaning of my new name. The spring and summer of 1999 were the butterfly months; butterfly motifs were everywhere, and it was during this time that I became aware of Itzpapalotl. I asked her before I used her name for this web site. I sometimes use “Obsidian Butterfly” as a kind of title (like Quetzalcoatl) to indicate that I consider myself one of Itzpapalotl’s priestesses. 
Written 03-16-02 11-Eb 5-Cumhu


bert with green bird

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