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100 Monkeys and the Morphogenic field

This is a story that never happened, but could.

Once upon a time there were a bunch of small islands. Upon these islands lived many monkeys. The monkeys on each island had no communication with the monkeys on the other islands. These monkeys lived on sweet potatoes. One morning a monkey I’ll call George dropped his potato in the water. He fished it out and ate it, noticing that it tasted better with no dirt on it.

The next morning George dropped the potato in the water on purpose.

Some of the other monkeys did not approve of George washing his potato. We never washed them before, they cried. Why start now? George said, Because the potatoes taste better. Here, try.

So a few brave monkeys washed their potatoes, and found they did taste better clean.

Every morning more and more monkeys were seen by the water, washing their sweet potatoes clean. Then something amazing happened. One morning, every monkey went to the water and washed its potato. Not just every monkey on George’s island, but every monkey on EVERY ISLAND.


The theory is that the universal monkey mind, or group unconscious, or Akashic records, of the monkeys reached critical mass and all the monkeys received the information that washing the potatoes was good. And so it was.

Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenic Field theory is the answer to the 100th monkey question. 

In one experiment, a bunch of scientists built a new maze for their rats. They timed how long it took Rat #1 to learn this new maze. Then they put Rat #2 in, and he learned in LESS time, and again with Rat #3. Why?

Because once Rat #1 learned the maze, it was available in the morphogenic field for ALL RATS. In other words, the first person to do something has it the hardest (or the first rat). This is why so many people invent the same things at the same time, or write similar books, etc. The idea is out there floating around in the morphogenic field. 

Learn more about the Morphogenic Field in Sheldrake’s book: A New Science of Life. 

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