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The Temple of Rejuvenation


This essay consists of information received while in channel, although it is not channeled itself. It is merely the memory of the channel (like writing a book report).

In May 2002 I trained a lovely woman to be a Shamballa Multi-dimensional Healing Master-Teacher. As part of my classes, in all levels, I channel guided meditations which bring my students to various places (Egypt, the hall of Akashic records, the Land of Fairie, etc) where they may receive attunements, initiations, information, their magickal names, or whatever else comes up.

In this instance, I brought this woman, R, to a past life she'd had in Atlantis. Not only was it incredibly vivid for both of us, but it tied in with a dream she'd had a few days before and hadn't understood what it was about...she had dreamed about this very place.

Leaving the personal details of R's past life experience out of it, this is the description of the Temple and how it works, as best I can explain it. If you ask your guides for assistance they may be able to clear up any foggy details. I will gladly annotate this essay with any information YOU receive in such a state, so please feel free to send it to me!


If somehow you've been living in a hole in the ground for the past two thousand years, you probably haven't heard about Atlantis. In 360 B.C.E, the philosopher Plato wrote a series of dialogs which contain the first written references to Atlantis. (You can read them in translation here.) There is controversy over whether Plato was describing an actual ancient continent or whether it was an allegory for Utopia. That is way outside the scope of this little article, as is the probable/possible location of Atlantis on planet Earth. Many books have been written on the subject of where and when Atlantis existed. If you've never read one, try to find one of the books by Edgar Cayce (basically a compilation of his channeled material from the early 20th century).

Here are the most basic, bare bones facts. Once upon a time there existed somewhere on Earth a continent (or very large island) called Atlantis. The people of Atlantis were technologically evolved, to the point of being equal to our technology of the early 21st century or even more evolved. However, their technology was based on harnessing natural earth powers, especially crystals. There were several types of people in Atlantis. Some were spiritually evolved healers and priests. Others had been corrupted by power and accordingly, used their power to corrupt others. There was a genetically created slave race which was abused because the slaves were not thought of as “human” and were denied basic human rights.

The corrupted officials took over the earth powers which had helped Atlantis for so long and turned them to selfish, ego-driven power-hungry pursuits. The spiritual/heart/love aspect of the people began to be overrun by the logical/thinking/power aspect. Eventually the misused earth powers caused Atlantis to sink, killing most of the population. A few of the spiritual people managed to escape before the sinking and spread throughout the world, to such places as Central America (Mayan), South American (Incan), and Egypt where they attempted to teach their knowledge to the aboriginal peoples of those regions, and also to “civilize” them. They also hoped that when (not if) humanity reached this peak of learning and knowledge again that we would be spared the same fate as their people.

The Temple of Rejuvenation

Atlantis by any account was a large place, perhaps the size of Australia. Therefore it would have had many cities, and each city would have side view of temple had duplicate government buildings, such as the Temple of Rejuvenation. (Imagine our modern cities which each have hospitals, town halls, power plants, etc.)

These Temples were all built according to a similar plan. They were vaguely bullet-shaped buildings with curved roof lines and flat bottoms which were raised 20-30 feet into the air. The corners of the building (the bottom was square, the top round) were supported on curved pillars. The grounds under the temple were park-like and extended outward beyond the edges of the building itself. Four paths led to the center of the grounds where a glass elevator shaft allowed entrance into the Temple. I believe there were also entrances in the four curved pillars, perhaps with stairs instead of an elevator.

These buildings were a combination hospital/emergency room/doctor's office. For this reason, each city probably had more than one Temple, as the Temples only had about a dozen treatment rooms each. The Temple was not the only source of medical care; people also had access to a type of healing similar to Reiki, and in each city traveling healers (who worked with small crystals, herbs and energy) were available to treat small injuries.

temple aerial view

The grounds of the Temple had benches, fountains, reflecting pools and something similar to koi ponds. A person could just go there to relax, but they were really designed for the families of those being treated. Essentially, the park was the waiting room--a whole block of peace.

The elevator led into a central hallway. The treatment rooms (12-24 depending on the size of the building) branched off radially from this hallway. Each treatment room was identical, a wedge-shaped room with a door leading to the elevator hallway and a door on the opposite wall. One side wall was of smoked glass or crystal, and every two rooms shared a control room (visible through the smoked glass).

Inside each room was a pedestal with a cushioned top. This pedestal could be raised or lowered by means of water-powered hydraulics. Above the pedestal was an array of copper, gold, silver, and other conductive metals (perhaps a mix similar to the seven-metal blend of ancient Tibetan singing bowls). The best way to describe the array is as a chandelier, the type which can be raised and lowered to change the bulbs or candles. The array was multi-tiered and multi-branched, with 144 slots. The slots were lined with a soft elastic/plastic substance. Some slots were larger, some smaller, in a precise pattern. Underneath the pedestal was a large crystal point, held in place by wires and metal loops (same metals as the hanging array). This point was 18 inches tall.

temple floorplan

The opposing door opened to a circular storeroom filled with shelving and locker-like storage units. These were also arranged in a precise pattern. Within the lockers and on the shelves were crystals of every type and shape. For instance, there would be orbs, eggs, natural points (single and double terminated), wands, Platonic solids (which are named after our old friend Plato, who discovered them), and other geometric shapes. Each shape manipulated the energy of the crystal differently. These crystals were all approximately the size of a woman's fist or a little smaller. There were enough crystals stored in each Temple to do a full array in every room at the same time. Also in the storeroom were clear filters in hundreds of colors, dried herbs, and distillations similar to aroma therapy and flower essences.

The people running the temple were called healing priests or crystal priests (or priestesses). However, our modern eyes would see them more as medical technicians. They evaluated each person who came in and consulted a vast library to see what treatment would be specified. The treatment would also tell them where the appropriate crystals would be found in the storage area. If the energy needed to be tempered by color, filters would be prescribed also. In addition, some energies needed to be filtered through the various plant parts. These were not consumed; they were used similar to the color filters (energy was sent through them). Often several gallons of water would be treated at the same time as the patient, with the same energy, and that water was consumed over the next few days, anchoring the healing.

This process of diagnosis and prescription took about fifteen minutes. During this time, healers similar in function to triage doctors or nurses would be binding wounds, treating shock, or administering any immediately-needed physical hands-on work. These healers would be in constant contact with the crystal priests, informing them of what they'd found. During this time, the generator crystal beneath the pedestal would be activated and begin bathing the room in pure energy. The healer would stay with the injured person while the crystal priest(s) went to the storeroom and gathered the appropriate tools.

The crystals, filters, and herbs would be placed in specific parts of the hanging array, usually in a geometric pattern. All 144 slots would probably NOT be filled for most treatments. The array would be lowered over the injured person by the crystal priests working in the control room. They would program the energy of the generator crystal to pulse through the filled areas of the array in a specific pattern for a specific length of time. The triage healer might stay in the room during the treatment for comfort, or might return to the elevator area to wait for another patient.

Properly programmed, the array could heal broken bones, re-grow amputated limbs, destroy cancer, eliminate pain, and slow down or reverse aging. The last aspect is what caused the Temples to be known as Temples of Rejuvenation rather than simply Temples of Healing.

This aspect was theoretically available to everyone, exactly like healing, but toward the end-time, only a few people were able to access the service. Healing the sick and injured was supposed to come first. Those in power, who were becoming corrupt, paid bribes for extra time under the de-aging rays, even if it caused a sick or injured person to wait for care. Gradually, the crystal priests only remembered how to access information on those who wanted to stay eternally young, because it profited them monetarily, and was easy money and easy work. The Temples stopped being free hospitals for all (socialized medicine) and instead become private clubs for the powerful. Even if a person who was ill was able to get time under an array, the crystals and herbs used for healing were no longer available in their proper slots and cubbyholes. Those that were had not been cleaned, cleansed, or replaced as needed, and no longer functioned at top capacity. For the first time, people stayed ill or injured. Productivity went down. Only those in power were healthy. The traveling healers were denied access to crystal mines and herb groves or were charged money to visit them and collect what they needed. The misuse of nature's healing power was only a small part of the vast reasons why Atlantis sank.

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