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Metaphysical Articles

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About this Site

Metaphysical Articles

These are in no particular order and are kind of like the contents of my mind--they are all over the place. Articles pertaining to the Meso-American calendar system (Mayan-Aztec) have all been moved to their own site, MayanAztecCalendar.com except a few reviews, below.


Travel reviews

When I worked for Connecticut Homesteader, now out of business, I was hired by the corporate office (The Homesteader) to write travel articles for all of the Connecticut editions. The CTHomesteader web site was taken down before I could retrieve the text and images properly (and because the site was behind a paywall, it's not archived at the Wayback Machine) but here are screenprints. All these are from 2006-2007. I was the website content editor as well as the print editor, a writer, graphic designer/layout person, and a photographer there. Lots of good experience.

Movie, Book, and Television Reviews

The movie and book reviews originally appeared on the DarkFiction.org web site (now defunct). TV reviews are cross-posted to the Shamanic Blog.


To keep the structure of the website intact for those who may have bookmarked articles, all the Meso pages still exist, blank with new links. Please bookmark them at their new locations, www.MayanAztecCalendar.com in the Articles and Charts sections.

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All material on this site is copyright (c) by Gevera Bert Piedmont except where noted. All rights reserved. Contact me for permission to republish. Information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy! })i({

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