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The Energy Sea

“No man is an island”--John Donne

We live in a sea of energy, which flows through us and around us every minute of every day, facilitating communication between the Earth and Sky and between one human and another. Through this energy sea, we are all connected, above and below, to Earth and to everyone on it. Our actions cause ripples in this sea, ripples which affect everyone and everything. There is nothing you can do that will not have an impact on another.

alex grey painting new man new womanOur energetic bodies are much larger than our physical bodies, and there are chakras—energy points—outside of our physical bodies, called transpersonal chakras. Our highest transpersonal chakras, far above our heads, merge into a single grand oversoul—you call that oversoul God or the Akashic Records. Everything we’ve ever done is stored in the oversoul’s memory. All of our intentions and affirmations and thoughtforms are sent to the oversoul. Our lowest transpersonal chakras, far below our feet, merge into the heart of Mother Earth. Our bodies are made of her body, and we are in communication with her constantly. The intentions, affirmations and thoughtforms we send to the oversoul are manifested into the physical with the help of these grounding chakras and the Heart of the Mother, facilitated by the energy sea.

These two connections, to the Earth and Sky, can be used not only for manifestation, but also for healing and communication. Send your thoughts, prayers and/or energy up to the sky to see them come back up from the earth.

The more people send a similar thoughtform through the energy sea at the same time, the stronger that vibration becomes. It is hardest for a single person to hold a given vibration, because she is so influenced, through entrainment, by the counter-vibrations and thoughtforms of the rest of humanity. (Entrainment is what makes glass shatter from a high-pitched noise—basically, objects tend to vibrate at a level similar to the objects around it.) But as others join her and share her thinking pattern or thoughtform or exercise, it becomes easier, exponentially. Each new person who joins her finds holding the vibration more natural. And each new person who joins her makes it that much easier for everyone already attempting the exercise to vibrate at that level. Entrainment will also bring other people, those not participating in the exercise, into harmonic resonance, which enhances the exercise on another level.

(c) Gevera Bert Piedmont 2004

This article also appeared on Lightworker.com (with my permission) & was commissioned by Steve Rother as part of the Web of Love experiment in September 2004.

Painting by Alex Grey.

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