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Fear-based Religion

Like everything else on this site, it's my opinion. I'm not a scholar or an expert. I don't care to hear from any more Satanists telling me I have it wrong.

I heard this parable from Steve Rother, who started Lightworker.com and Planetlightworker.com. It is about light and darkness.
Imagine there are two rooms of equal size. One room, room #1, is filled with light. The other, room #2, is completely dark. (Notice I don't say "filled with dark"...darkness is not filling, unlike chocolate cake.) Between the two rooms is a door. The door opens. What happens? Room #2 fills with light also. Maybe it doesn't get every corner and crevice, but light is now in that room. What happens to room #1? Does it go dim? No. Light is not paint, it doesn't get thinner if it's spread out. Room #1 stays equally bright.So how can the dark EVER conquer the light?

I wish I could say I am not afraid of ANYTHING, but that is not true. I understand the connection between fear and love. Where there is fear, there is no love, where there is love there can be no fear. Fear serves the darkness, love the light. But I do believe, I KNOW, that in the end the light will always win. It has to.

I am pagan. I do participate in some witchcraft rituals. I am not a black witch (although I do wear black), nor do I practice black or negative magic. I am not a Satanist. Satanists worship Satan, who was created by the Christian Church when they wanted something evil to counterbalance their god. Satanism is therefore based on Christianity, not Wicca or Druidism or any other branch of pagan religion. The image of the horned god was indeed TAKEN from pagans by the church, but the original horned god was never evil. I have read enough about Satanism, especially Anton LeVey's version, to see that is based on fear, control, and utter selfishness. They have no love for anyone, including themselves.

Send them light if you can't love them. How empty a life, to live in fear and by fear. I will not be afraid of these people.

See also my letter to non-pagans.

written 8-17-00 6 Chuen (c) Gevera Bert Piedmont

MORE: (07-26-04) Satanists do not like me, based on these two articles. Once upon a time I might have cared enough to get into a really good dialogue. But I have too many things on my mind, more important than nit-picking articles I wrote years and years ago. I've read their stuff, some is interesting, some not, and I choose instead to concentrate on my various writing projects and my Mayan/Aztec calendar studies rather than debate the minutia of someone else's religion.

I will no longer argue these points. If you wish to follow these links, know that I am providing them as-is, and they are links to articles written by those who worship Satan. If their viewpoint, offends you, I do not want to hear it. I am sharing their side in a spirit of open-mindedness. As I understand, these people were actively searching for sites run by light workers that mention Satan so they could attack those sites. I have defended, I am done.

Short rebuttal by Satanist | Long rebuttal by Satanist (and may I comment that I ANSWERED the second letter, that the person who sent it not only didn't sign her name, she used a mask over her name on the email, and she did not respond to my response or acknowledge it. But she posted what she said to ME on the net, not my reply, which I lost long ago.)

All material on this site is copyright (c) by Gevera Bert Piedmont except where noted. All rights reserved. Contact me for permission to republish. Information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy! })i({

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