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What is Healing?

Everything has a vibration. People, plants, animals, rocks, food. Each thing has a different ideal vibration (part of the seed or core blueprint), and those who are "ill" are not in their ideal vibration. (Having no vibration at all means the person has died–although even a dead body has a certain vibration of its own.)

Illnesses also have vibrations. The vibrations of illness are much lower than that of people’s ideal vibrations. If a person’s vibration is high enough, that person simply cannot get sick. The vibrations of illness–germs, viruses, bacteria–cannot stick to them. In medical terms, these people have a good immune system.

If that doesn’t make sense, imagine a flat table. Put a ball in the center of the table, very carefully, so it doesn’t roll. The table is the person, the ball is the illness. Their vibrations match, and so the ball stays on the table–the person remains ill. Now start to gently shake the table, increasing its vibration. The ball starts to move, to roll around, and eventually if you shake the table at that gentle rate long enough, the ball will roll off. And the person is "healed."

But what if you don’t want to wait for the amount of time it takes to remove the ball with gentle vibration increases? Shake the table harder, and watch the ball fly off. (Of course, this could make the table feel uncomfortable.)

In a chronic illness, the ball may be stuck to the table with soft putty or even crazy glue, and different types of vibrations would be needed to remove that ball.

So, how is this healing accomplished, since humans are not tables which can be shaken?

Ah, but they ARE.

Why does medicine work? Why does aspirin make a headache go away? Because that medicine has a vibration, and that vibration changes the person who ingests it, and a specific illness is removed. Most medicines have very fine-tuned vibration so they "fix" a specific illness or problem. Aspirin is a bad example–it has so many uses that if it was introduced today it wouldn’t get FDA approval!

Since medicine changes a person’s vibration, it can also cause side effects. If the cure outweighs the side effects, people are willing to take it. If the side effects are worse than the illness, people may not want to ingest that drug. There is a weight-loss drug that causes anal leakage (you poop your pants!) but also produces weight loss. Is the weight loss worth a few pairs of undies, or having to wear a pad or diaper?

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