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Meeting a God

A Phenomenal Healing Experience

Thoth On February. 7, 2005 ( 3 Cimi 9 Pax, an intention portal), I went for a rebirthing session with the therapist I’ve been seeing since October. I had spent the previous day with her and two other women, teaching them Shamballa Multi-dimensional Healing, so we were already in an altered state of mind. As part of every Shamballa class, I channel a spirit journey for the students, and they receive a special energy, a spiritual name, or a message. The students in this class met an angelic/ET being in white, who kept its face hidden.

During the session on the seventh, one of the therapy cats, Merlin, came into the healing space and spent some time laying on my chest, and then went under the blanket and was on my hips for a while. This isn’t usual for him.

The first strange thing that happened during the session was that a white worm/snake/dragon entered my heart—not my heart chakra but my physical heart. He had something in his mouth: a brilliant Herkimer diamond or an actual diamond, I couldn’t tell which. He placed this diamond in the left ventricle of my heart.

aztec serpentThen another worm/snake/dragon, this one black, asked permission to enter my intestines and do some work. He looked just like the white one, except for his color. If I hadn’t seen the white one first, I think I might have been afraid, but I realized they were related, and I gave permission. The black one explained to me that I have a lot of karma between me and myself (hard to explain, he showed it visually)—some of the karmic ties holding me back are to ME. On a cellular level, the black one started to bite through all these tiny connections. I know he could have done it instantly with intent, but it seemed important that I understand the magnitude of the task. He also said that I might get sick, some kind of purging/cleansings, and I agreed to that as well.

My therapist said later on I didn’t have to agree to be ill, that I can undergo any type of cleansing without feeling sick. I haven’t been sick yet, and I can feel that he’s still in there, crunching all the aka strands which are holding things I don’t want to have part of me anymore. It reminds me a lot of the feeling I had after my first Reiki attunement as if my brain was being de-fragged (like a hard drive)—only the black one is de-fragging my whole body. It's a big job.

After I described the white and black worm/snake/dragons to her, my therapist told me that she had been part of a ceremony at Teotihuacan (Mexico) the year before involving white and black serpents! And she also said that that particular cat who was with us, Merlin, works with serpent energy, and we were sure he had brought me those black and white serpents, as they appeared where he had been laying on me earlier.

All this was incredible enough, and we were barely into the session. All of a sudden a new energy entered the space, and to my left was the hooded white being from the channeling of the day before. We had not specifically invited that being into the session, but the intent is always that all energies of love and light may attend and assist.

kukulcanHe (I know now it’s a he) was kind of crouched on his heels just looking at me. I still couldn’t see any part of his body, just the white of the robe (which was a white rainbow, if that makes any sense-it fluttered and scintillated and shifted colors, but all the colors were white). I could feel his curiosity. I felt a lot of bird energy coming from him, like he was a bird or part bird. During the whole session, of course, there was a running commentary between me and my therapist, and when I said that he felt bird-like she asked if he had a bird head, and he showed me his face, and he did have a bird head. It was THOTH.

He put his hands on me, and I started crying. I couldn’t understand why he had chosen me. Once he was touching me, I felt serpent energy as well, which was kind of confusing. He was looking at me, and then he changed into Kukulkan, who I met briefly a few years ago, right after I was ascended to Shaman of Mayanism. (He came to me as a Mayan man with very bronze/copper skin during a healing; all he did at that time was wink at me and vanish—the woman working on me felt him come and go but didn’t see him.) I understood immediately what he was showing me: that Thoth and Kukulkan are the same being. I just realized as I write this that it also tied in with part of the channeling from the day before: this energy has been present throughout human history.

Thoth and Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl are the same being and have been present throughout human history.

Thoth put his finger inside me, right on my gallbladder. I never knew exactly where it was before, but I know now! He poked around there and I thought he was going to take out a stone, but instead he turned it to a pearl. (If I ever get it taken out, I am going to ask for the stone—I want to see if it’s a pearl!)

Then he started brushing his hands over me, in my aura. I don’t know what he was doing, but it felt amazing. As soon as he was done, he vanished, and the session felt “done” (anyone who’s done healing work knows what I mean). I opened my eyes and my therapist was just starting to sweep me clean. We looked at the clock and realized we’d lost about an HOUR of time, that we’d been taken out of 3D reality. So whatever I just listed that I remember, probably is not all that happened to me.

Written 02-09-2005 5 Lamat 11 Pax
Thoth source | Kukulcan from the Codex Borbonicus | Aztec Serpent Tattoo By Cuba12 On Deviantart

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