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eclectic Paganism

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I am an eclectic pagan. If I chose to attend a ritual, or perform a ceremony, it is probably going to be a form of Wicca, heavily spiced by MesoAmerica. None of my pagan friends are 100% Wiccan either; they also practice Norse magick, dragon magick, Celtic magick, or strega; whatever kind of magick they like, all mixed together, and so do I. Because of the direction my Reiki and healing training has led me, I even have some Buddhist beliefs, but I am not a Buddhist either. I also used to be a Catholic (but I got better).

Lee Carroll, the Kryon channel, said that he considered his religion to be New Age and I agree with him, although before I heard him say that I never thought of New Age beliefs as a religion. So I am New Age, NOW age, Wiccan, pagan, whatever feels right. I know that God/dess loves me no matter what I call her, and she loves you too.

I mostly identify myself as pagan because my ceremonies have gone so far beyond what Wiccans do. So many people just don't comprehend what Wicca is (hence my famous letter), and it's so tiresome to explain about witches and what they are and aren't, and now the whole Harry Potter thing...sigh. Because you know reading or watching Harry Potter is the gateway drug into black magic and hardcore Satanism.It's just easier to say pagan than witch, or Wiccan, and honestly I don't think of myself as either of those things anymore because I've so broadened my pagan horizons.

I wrote my I'm a Witch letter shortly after Yule 1998 when I was still in a witchy mode. I was upset at getting some inappropriate gifts and knew I'd never be able to speak up and say, "you should not have given that to me." Plus, I get Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which means I'm easily upset around Yule, especially when the stock reply to "I don't celebrate Christmas" is, "oh, happy Hanukkah" like there's only 2 religions: Christianity and Judaism. If I reply, "I'm a witch/pagan, I celebrate Yule," I either get my head patted (I AM NOT CUTE!) or the even worse "Oh, are you a good witch?" giggle giggle

Will any of them ever see the letter? Perhaps. If you have this problem, point your accusers that way. Hope it helps!

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