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Reiki Symbols

Why They Are Unnecessary

reiki symbols on stones

I love Reiki symbols. One of the most attractive things about the Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing System* (one of the many healing variants that I'm a Master in) was that had 352 symbols. Three hundred and fifty-two? Wow. Where do I sign up?

I just LOVE the symbols. I look for variants online; I have a big notebook full. I channel my own. Aren’t they just great?

Sure they are. And they are TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

What is a symbol? It’s simply a representation, using one thing to mean another. We use symbols every day of our lives, whether we are Reiki practitioners or not. Money is a symbol. For one person, a $20 bill represents two hours of work, another person gets their $20 after only an hour’s work, and then there’s Sting who makes his $20 in about 20 minutes (he makes $1,500 a DAY from “Every Breath You Take”). Bill Gates gets to sneeze in the amount of time it takes him to make $20. The $20 bill is a symbol that we all recognize.

In the 10 years since I wrote this, energy healing has really evolved. I give pictures of all the basic symbols to the people who take my new Shamanic Healing course, but I don't make them learn the symbols or really even talk about them except as nostalgia for "the old days." The way I teach healing now, people are activated (attuned) in such a way that they receive the capacity to channel any energy needed. They don't need to know the symbol's name or the energy name. Just put your hands on the person and think "give her what she needs" and that's what she'll get--whether it's the type of energy once called in through symbols, or the type once called in through specific attunements and families of healing (Usui, Karuna, etc.)
This is why I decided to put a representation of the symbols on this page. They aren't secret anymore. You can buy these types of carved symbol stones anywhere. All the symbols are online for anyone to see. I believe it's because they aren't necessary anymore.

Reiki symbols are a little more esoteric. For example, there is a rather complex symbol that is used for sending energy over a distance. I have a least six different versions of it in my symbol library and THEY ALL WORK. What does that mean? Does that mean it doesn’t matter how you draw it? I don’t believe that’s the case. I think you have to draw it the way you were taught (the version you were attuned to).

However, I have many masterships. I have been attuned to many variations of this symbol. I can use any one of them. So which one do I use?

I don’t use any of them. I don’t draw the symbols except in very rare cases.

I can hear some people cringing. Keep reading. Stick with me.

No matter how this particular symbol is drawn, it has the same name. When the symbol is drawn, the name is said three times, and the energy is invoked. No one can argue with that, right? I have found that just saying the name three times invokes the same energy. I am not talking about chanting the name Karuna Reiki-style, just saying it three times. There it is. No need to draw anything.

Those of you who may be scrambling to call me for a level 2 class because you think I don’t make you memorize the symbols, think again. I do make my students memorize them when I teach Usui Reiki. I am a great believer in breaking the rules and I always have been. But to break the rules, you first have to know what they are. When you’ve drawn these symbols over and over until you see them in your dreams and you are as familiar with drawing them as you are writing your own name, then you can dispense with them. Then you can use the energy of the name alone (and the mantra if you use it) to invoke the energy. You may find that a perfectly drawn symbol appears in your mind's eye. Great. If it doesn’t, but you still feel the energy, that’s great too. If you don’t feel the energy, you haven’t connected with the symbol enough. Keep drawing it.

I don’t believe that there is just one energy that healers draw on. There are many, perhaps infinite amounts and types of energy out there. That is another reason I was so in love with Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing. Shamballa is an “umbrella” energy. It contains the energies of Reiki and of many other healing energies. Some of these energies don’t have names. When I teach Shamballa, one of the things I do is a guided meditation (Astral travel/Shamanic Journey) for each student to get his/her OWN personal healing energy. Usually I can feel this energy come through me during the mediation so I get a taste of it, and each person gets something different. And although I enjoy feeling those personal healing energies, they aren’t for me. My Shamballa students get every energy I’ve been attuned to. It’s very powerful. I see no reason to teach any other form of Reiki. Why buy a black and white TV when you can have color and surround sound for the same price?

I have been attuned to many kinds of Reiki. Each one feels different.

Each of these types of Reiki came with its own set of the “basic” symbols (power, emotional/mental, distant, master) and all of them were different. I don’t do Reiki sessions based on a certain energy (I wouldn’t do “just” a Karuna session for instance). If you come to me for healing, you get everything in my arsenal, including non-Reiki elements such as Holographic Sound Healing with the Hathors, Huna, and reflexology. If I do feel compelled to draw a symbol and not just invoke it with word or thought, I’ve found that it doesn’t matter which version I draw. If I draw an Usui symbol and the client needs Karuna energy, the client gets Karuna energy. My Reiki guides and the Universal Life Force energy’s innate intelligence channel the correct energy (or energies) through me.

What if I didn’t know the symbol(s) for something my client needed? Should I run out of the room and page through my library? Just use the power symbol and hope for the best? No, absolutely not (although it’s never wrong to use the power symbol). I just say silently to my guides, “this person needs (fill in the blank)” and I know the proper energy will come through me. I may see a symbol as the energy comes in, or I may not. That is one of the joys of Shamballa, getting to channel and download new symbols. 

The Reiki symbols are valuable and fun to use. But they are just that, symbols. They are just a bridge to connect to a specific energy. As the world changes, as Mother Earth raises her vibration, we will need the symbols less and less. I have found that sometimes I don’t even need to say the names of the symbols, I just use intent. For instance, I saw a tragic story on the news about a dying child. The family asked for prayers. I said to myself, “I’ll have to send them Reiki later” but immediately it began to flow. I did not think the name of a single symbol, but I know that family received the energy.

*The Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing I reference here was renamed to Shamballa 1-4 and a new version was created called Shamballa Basic to replace it. Shamballa Basic has no symbols at all and is taught in a completely different way and has been totally separated from Reiki. The Shamballa system has recently been renamed to New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation™.

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