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Toning Exercises


While thinking of what you want to manifest:
Tone the god sound of “ah” three times.
Tone the name of the giver of movement and measure (Hunab Ku) three time (ooh-na-koo).
Tone the word of peace “shalom” (sha-lo-om) three times

You can do these in your car, in the shower, or wherever you feel comfortable making noise. You can do each exercise three times.

Then mix up the order:

Now do the whole sequence again, but start each exercise by humming. This will force the tones to come out through your nose. At first it will feel weird and make you laugh but keep doing it! The more sounds you practice with, the more sounds you can bring in during a session.

You can hum with an “n” sound or an “m” sound (or do both). For instance, if you hum with an “m” sound, the first exercise will sound more like: “may, me, my, mo, moo” through your nose.

When you get proficient at these exercises, try using different consonant sounds to precede each vowel, with both nasal and normal toning. You don’t have to do every consonant every day, make a rotation sheet and do different ones each day: 

If you want to get really into it, you can do dual consonants also: wh, th, sh, ch, ng, nk, zh (as in “vision) & whatever other ones you can come up with. 

om symbolToning OM

Although “om” is one syllable, when toning I like to make it three distinct syllables, which blend into “om”: ah-oh-oom (rhymes with zoom).

Manifestation Toning (from Dennis Alexander)

While thinking of what you want to manifest:

Happy Toning!

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