shoggoth chasing bicycle

Horror over the Handlebars

Yankee Scares: Connecticut Horror

shoggoth chasing bicycle

Connecticut: Small, but Scary

Twenty-one carefully curated tales set in Connecticut span the gamut from dark fairy tales to possessed objects, from D&D games that overlap into real life to aliens among us. Kids on bikes ride through these pages, confronting themselves, nature, and the general weirdness of Connecticut in the 80s and 90s.

Meet bullies, saviors, ghosts, weirdos, and sweethearts, dreamed into existence by some of the most innovative horror writers of Connecticut, and a chosen few from elsewhere.

Paperback and Kindle Unlimited

Reached #3 in New Horror Anthologies!

Publisher: Transformations by Obsidian Butterfly, LLC

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Horror Over the Handlebars
Table of Contents:

Omni-Vision Michael Gore
19 Miles from Millstone, June 17th, 1988 M. Tyler Tuttle
No Rider in the Flesh and Bone Charles Montgomery
The Crimson Staircase of Tryethelone Margret A Treiber
Below the Surface, We Can Only Imagine Matt Moore
Biker Gang Gevera Bert Piedmont
A Home for His Fears Anne Woods
Ouch Sasha Brown
Forever Children JP Behrens
Nathan's Night at Norwich Rob Smales
You Couldn't Steal a House in the Eighties Agrimmeer DeMolay
The Withering Kurt Newton
P.E.T.E. Dale W. Glaser
The Ghost Girl of Rocky Neck Benjamin Thomas
Out There Tom Deady
Many Deaths Before Dying Warren Benedetto
Fluke Joe Russell
Doug's House Judith Pancoast
It Happened Deep in the Woods Tom Moran
Between Sharp Teeth and Lady Slippers T.L. Guthrie
Incident at Elderhill Farm John Opalenik
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Gevera Bert Piedmont
Author of the Mickey Crow paranormal series and creator of the Quetzalcoatl Ascending world.

John Opalenik
Author of The Primeval duology, The Blue Beneath the Mountain, and Among the Willows.
Member of HWA/HWA-CT