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Atlas of Deep Ones

A cultural, geographic and unnatural history

Dive Deep into the Weird

The stories we are looking for are all about Deep Ones--H.P. Lovecraft's creations as seen in "Shadow Over Innsmouth." But not just “I met a Deep One and I fainted because the Innsmouth Look is just that jarring to my fragile psyche.” We want stories that are truly about Deep Ones: Deep One pirates willing to raid some truly unusual ships, beach bums sharing a smoke with a new friend. How do you handle the call to the sea when you live in Kansas? How did encounters with Romans, Vikings, and rum runners play out? Maybe they were the Sea People leading to the Bronze Age Collapse. Did they sink the White Ship that messed up English Royal succession? Or what or a more distant, perhaps primordial past? The “non-fiction” should be articles about aspects of Deep One culture, biology, history and everything in-between.

Nothing from New England (Innsmouth) or South Pacific seas unless you give us a time period we haven’t seen before. Dive deep and grasp the Weird.

Submissions window: June 1, 2024-July 30, 2024
Publication target: Summer 2025


Stories: 500-6000 words.
Poems: No more then 2 pages please
Non-fiction: 500-1000 words

Pay Rate for original works, via PayPal:

Story: $25
Poems: $15
Non-fiction: $15
Query for art submissions
Plus an author's copy and the ability to purchase copies at a reduced rate.
(Please contact us for reprint pay rate.)

Technical Details:

Submit a docx with Modern Shunn Format using the Google form here:
If there is an issue with the form, please let us know. DO NOT submit via email; email submissions will be ignored.


Gevera Bert Piedmont
Author of the Mickey Crow paranormal series, creator of the Quetzalcoatl Ascending world, author of Fat Monster (coming Fall 2025 from Nightmare Press)

Elizabeth Davis
Co-owner, Dead Fish Books

Transformations by Obsidian Butterfly, LLC
Publication format: Paperback and Kindle
Rights: revert to author one year after publication