scary forest with abandoned bike

Horror over the Handlebars
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80s and 90s horror...Coming of age, kids on bikes

Imagine It, Stand by Me, Stranger Things, Dark, Good Omens, set in Connecticut.

Welcome to Horror Over the Handlebars!

scary woods at night with abandoned bike

This is the first in a series of Connecticut-based anthologies--Yankee Scares. All stories must be set in Connecticut. Preference will be given to writers who:
Live in Connecticut -- Have some connection to Connecticut -- Live in New England. Other writers may apply and will be offered space as available.

For this first anthology, we are looking for 80's and 90s nostalgia horror--the "kids on bikes" coming of age genre, although children riding bicycles aren't required. Look at the kids in the above examples.

Open to stories 1,000 to 8,000 words, in English. Query for longer stories.
We are not considering stories written, or co-written, by AI at this time.
Payment $30 for first publication rights, plus a hard copy and PDFs of all future Yankee Scares anthologies. Query for reprints.
Submissions closed Feb 29, 2024
Publication target: August 2024

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Gevera Bert Piedmont
Author of the Mickey Crow paranormal series and creator of the Quetzalcoatl Ascending world.  

John Opalenik
Author of The Primeval duology, The Blue Beneath the Mountain, and Among the Willows.
Member of HWA/HWA-CT

Publisher: Transformations by Obsidian Butterfly, LLC
Publication format: Paperback and Kindle
Rights:  revert to author one year after publication